Time for a Career Shift? Do What the Founders Did!

Many of the Founders were true Renaissance men, excelling at many different careers throughout their lives.

Washington was a surveyor, soldier, and then farmer. Franklin was printer, scientist, and then philanthropist.  Wilson was a teacher, lawyer, and then politician.

Have you thought about your next career?

The Bill of Rights Institute is hiring for what for many educators out there might be a dream job: helping other teachers learn about the Founding Era. We are looking for an entrepreneurial, creative, and proactive addition to our team who can help us create and deliver teacher professional development programs, and who can write and manage the development of lesson resources.

At the Institute, we think that students need to do more than just learn facts and figures related to the Constitution: we want to inspire students to see how they—as citizens—can protect the Constitution and the ideals behind it today!

Does our mission of helping students understand their rights excite you? Do you have extensive experience presenting professional development sessions to other teachers and a strong background in writing curricula?

If so, learn more about our Professional Development Instructor role here!

We’re excited to grow our team and widen our impact—and hope you are, too! In addition to the Professional Development Instructor role, the Institute is also hiring for two marketing positions, a Database Manager, and an Administrative Assistant. See all of our open positions here.

Apply today, or please share with your friends!

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