Learning American Values the SMART Way

Do you have a SMART board? If so, why not leverage technology to help better illustrate what being an American is all about! The Being an American: Exploring the Ideals that Unite Us curriculum has several SMART board-compatible resources that deal with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Civic Values, and American Heroes. These resources contain activities built to take advantage of the interactivity and simplicity of a SMART board and maximize engagement in the classroom.



Derived from the popular Being an American: Exploring the Ideals that Unite Us curriculum, these supplemental materials are aimed to help middle school and high school students learn about our Founding documents and the principles which have guided and shaped our country.

The first activity focuses on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Students will examine famous passages and learn the structure and purpose of the Declaration. The Constitution section contains material on the seven articles of the Constitution, and will have students consider the reasons that drove the formation of a national government. To drive deeper understanding, the learning activities emphasize putting the text of the documents in their own words and providing current examples of these concepts.

The second activity contains exercises aimed at sparking a deeper understanding of the civic values that drove our Founders and how these ideals were exhibited by American Heroes and reflected in the Constitution. Students are encouraged to share and discuss what certain ideas mean to them, and to compare and contrast their views on how these ideas should be incorporated into our government. It includes quotes from influential Americans from various time periods, intended to encourage discussion of what specific values mean and their proper place in American society.


Do you regularly use technology to enhance your teaching?

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