What Do You Think of the NYC Plan to Ban Large Sugary Drinks?

A new plan in New York City would ban the sale of all sugary drinks including sodas and energy drinks over 16 fluid ounces in fast food restaurants, delis, and movie theaters.  Grocery and convenience stores would be excluded and fruit juices, dairy-based drinks, and alcoholic beverages would not be included under the size limitation.

According to a New York Times article, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes the ban will curb obesity in New York.  The article states: “The measures have led to occasional derision of the mayor as Nanny Bloomberg, by those who view the restrictions as infringements on personal freedom. But many of the measures adopted in New York have become models for other cities, including restrictions on smoking and trans fats, as well as the use of graphic advertising to combat smoking and soda consumption, and the demand that chain restaurants post calorie contents next to prices.’

Read the entire New York Times Article: New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

What do you think?  What are the implications of this proposed ban for personal liberty?

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One Response to “What Do You Think of the NYC Plan to Ban Large Sugary Drinks?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Outlawing gay marriage and sodas over 16 ounces in New York City can both be described in the same way. They are both severe limitations to our liberty.

    Whether I believe gay marriage will harm our society is not relevant when I am deciding at the ballot. Whether I believe sodas harm a person’s health is not relevant at the ballot either.

    What is relevant is whether we should vote in favor of the government’s ability to curb our choices, thereby deciding how we live our lives. Insofar as I am not directly harming another person or his property, any limit to my choices is government-imposed morality.

    This is obvious in the case of gay marriage. Republicans are morally opposed to any marriage beyond a man and woman and want to enforce that moral view on society. But this is also the case regarding soda. In the same way as gay marriage, Democrats have decided to limit your choices of how you live your life. In this case they have decided what you should value more in the trade-off between quality of life and longevity (supposedly this trade-off exists).

    And what is morality other than a series of value-based choices that guide how we live our lives?

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