The Bill of Rights Institute is excited to introduce a new resource for you: Americapedia!

Americapedia is a concise but thorough online reference guide for teachers, students, and anyone interested in American history. It is divided into five key categories: People, Constitution, Documents, Landmark Supreme Court Cases, and Civic Values.

Each category contains 50-100 entries, and within each entry you will find highlighted words that link to other entries in the guide.

The interlinked pages make it easy to locate relevant and related topics, so you can quickly familiarize yourself with key vocabulary, or spend some time browsing through all the people, events, and ideas fundamental to American history. This will help to familiarize you with how all these categories are connected and how they made history unfold. Just keep clicking to see how one Founder’s ideas influenced an important document, how that document influenced the Constitution, and how that constitutional principle decided a modern Supreme Court Case.

Use Americapedia to get ideas for lessons and quizzes, or send your students here for a reliable study guide and review.  Whether you are preparing for classroom assignments, brushing up on your knowledge of the Constitution and U.S. History, or trying to figure out what American citizenship means to you, you will love this resource!

Is there a person, document, principle, or value you think should be added to Americapedia? Comment below to let us know!

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