While traveling this weekend, my mom and I were discussing whether we would still be required to take our shoes off at the airport since Osama bin Laden had been killed. She pulled up the TSA website and found that in the last week, they have confiscated:

  • 7 artfully concealed prohibited items found at checkpoints
  • 13 firearms found at checkpoints

In this light, taking off our shoes and going through metal detectors might be reasonable. But how far is too far? CBS news picked up this story about a pat-down at the Kansas City airport of a 6-month old baby after his stroller alarmed during explosive screening.

Reaction questions:

  • In your opinion is this an acceptable part of post-9/11 security?
  • In your opinion are full-body scanners and/or pat-downs here to stay?
  • Ultimately, do you feel safe when flying?

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