Lots of big news regarding the federal government and constitutional questions this week! Tell us what you think about these hot-topic stories:

Wedding RingsFirst, President Obama is making headlines because he instructed the Justice Department to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. The article states that he believes the Act to be unconstitutional because of the Due Process and Equal Protection sections of the Fifth Amendment. Supporters of the Act cite the Full Faith and Credit language in Article IV of the Constitution. His directions raise questions about the power of the Executive Branch. What are the similarities and differences between states accepting marriages that are legal in other states, and states accepting driver’s licenses that are legal in other states?

Next, as the Affordable Care Act constitutionality question continues to be debated, as the Obama administration seeks clarification on whether the recent healthcare act ruling in Florida was meant to block its implementation. In the brief, the Justice Department asks for an additional clarification that the Judge Vinson’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act’s unconstitutionality:

“does not relieve the parties of their rights and obligations under the Affordable Care Act while the declaratory judgment is the subject of appellate review.”

Do you agree with the Justice Department’s interpretation of Vinson’s decision? For more information on both sides of the Affordable Care Act constitutionality debate, see our Healthcare Act, Federalism, and the Commerce Clause resources.

Finally, the House voted to stop the FCC from using its funds to enforce the “net neutrality” regulations. Net neutrality legislation proponents claim that legislation is needed to maintain current consumer freedom and choice and prevent internet service providers from becoming monopolistic. Opponents claim that internet providers should have the right to modify their service or product and that more freedom and competition would create different types of services instead of monopolistic power. Do you agree? Which argument is more powerful? Whose liberties are bring protected or infringed with this legislation?

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  2. John says:

    Sounds to me like an plain old act of Congress doesn’t get to supersede the Constitution. Last time I checked you have to amend the Constitution to change it. So as I see it there is no difference between every state being required to recognize other states drivers licenses, adoptions, or marriage contracts. Whether they be contracts between people of a different or same sex.


    Why did you fail to mention that our Bill of
    Rights clearly states every person is EQUAL! Therefore, no one can have more rights given to them than another, assuming both are legal and law abiding citizens of these United States. Thus, marriage between two consenting adults is covered under our rights as citizens. It is unfortunate that prejudice still exists today and we have much still to do. Just because a certain religious view states that it is not moral doesn’t trump our Constitutional Rights!, Religion made sure that slavery started and continued, and woman would be considered their husbands property and on and on. However, we must always be mindful and watchful that religion should not be confused with our Constitution! To do so goes directly against what we fought for against England! We will obtain our Constitutional Rights and we will not stop until we do! The only reason why it has taken so long is directly related to religios prejudice. No more – we will not be silent any more and we won’t be silent ever again! I do believe in God, Higher Power, and I do believe that God made me. Therefore, since god never makes junk, if I choose to marry another woman, I have every right to do so according to OUr Constitution .

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