Tension between state and federal power has increased with the recent U.S. District Court ruling that the entire Affordable Healthcare Act is unconstitutional. While two courts have upheld the Act’s constitutionality, this ruling highlights important questions regarding what the national government is and is not permitted to do. Have your students been discussing the controversy? Guide their discussion about the constitutional principles at play with this week’s Bill of Rights in the News eLesson on Healthcare, Federalism, and the Commerce Clause.

Try these strategies to help your students connect with the issues:

- Explore the idea of Federalism with your class in our Student Study Guide, Daily News Headlines, and Landmark Supreme Court Case listing.

- Did your state join the suit? Have students research whether their state joined the suit, and ask them if they agree or disagree with the position of their legislators.

- Join the conversation! Encourage students to comment on our blog post about the Healthcare Act news or on local news articles and voice their opinions about whether the individual mandate is constitutional.

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  1. Love these resources – thanks for putting them all together in this way!

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