Western Bacon Blue Ring with Extra Tomato - Gott's Roadside - San Francisco, CATwo stories about food, personal liberty, and government regulation have been in the news over the past few weeks. The first story reported the defeat of a “Food Freedom” bill in Wyoming that would have allowed consumers to purchase homemade food items that were not monitored or inspected by the government. The bill excluded food available at bake sales and potlucks. What do you think? Should government regulate the products of businesses run out of an individual’s home? Can food products be regulated or monitored in other ways?

The other food bill of the month is nicknamed the “Cheeseburger bill”: the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act in Minnesota. This act would prevent citizens from filing suits against restaurants if they believed that they gained weight because of food from the restaurant. Proponents for the bill argue that it would protect business owners from frivolous lawsuits, while opponents argue that such a bill is unnecessary and the bill approval process wastes taxpayer money. Do businesses have a right to be protected from these lawsuits?  Do you agree with the bill’s opponents that legislators have better uses of their time?

Have you been reading other news stories about personal liberty versus the role of government in protecting the citizenry? What’s your take on these consumer-centric stories?

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  1. Emily says:

    Great post! I think the commerce clause has been too loosely interpreted and that the government does not have a constitutional right to regulate these sorts of activities.

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