There’s been a lot of conversation and controversy around the Affordable Healthcare Act as state and federal courts decide its constitutionality. Most recently, a federal judge in Florida ruled that the entire law was unconstitutional because it included an individual mandate (or requirement that all citizens purchase health insurance). The suit, which 26 states have joined, will likely head to the Supreme Court. We’ve been following the history of the healthcare law, with two lessons about it: Healthcare and the Bill of Rights, and Is the Healthcare Act constitutional? What do you think?

Other news headlines of note this week:

  • South Dakota bill would require all citizens to buy a gun – In an effort to create a comparison to the healthcare law, South Dakota lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would require citizens within the state to buy a firearm after turning 21 to provide for their self-defense. Is the comparison between being required to purchase insurance by the national government and being required to purchase a firearm by the state valid? What are the similarities and differences between the two scenarios?
  • Former Dockside Lounge owner sues city over eminent domain -  A Massachusetts man is suing the city of Fall River for $15 million in damages in lost revenue over land claimed by the city nearly 30 years ago. He claims that the land was taken from him in 1982 under the pretense of the “greater good of the community”. Under what conditions should the government be permitted to take private property from citizens?

What Bill of Rights-related news headlines caught your eye this week?

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