As we approach Bill of Rights Day, I’m reminded of all the Founding generation fought for before, during, and after the American Revolution. I recall Ben Franklin’s admonition that the Constitution had assured us “a republic, if [we] could keep it.”

Perhaps he should have said, “A republic, if you can teach it.”

A key part of our role as civic educators is to ensure that we do.

The world has changed since the 18th century and certainly looks different; but are the challenges we face all that different? Here’s a fun idea: Look at our daily news headlines and assign a key individual associated with each topic to a different Founder. Perhaps TSA Chief John Pistole with Sons of Liberty member Samuel Adams; Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke  with National Bank foe Thomas Jefferson; WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange with Commander in Chief of the Continental Army George Washington.

What would a dialogue between them sound like?

What are some of your strategies for ensuring the continued success of our republic?

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